Sometimes the problem in your life is you. Stay “WOKE”.  I know we are all team “protect my peace” but we also need to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes the problem is me, the problem is you, the person causing all the commotion and confusion could really be me, i/you could be the toxic energy. I feel like its very important to sometimes introspect  and make the necessary changes. because the good news is that if the problem is you then you have the power to fix that and we can all live happily ever after (hahaha pun intended).

The signs…

  • You think people are always against you
  • You cant admit when you are wrong, you have an intense need to be right all the time.
  • You are not genuinely happy for others and you’ve become selfish, everything has to be about you
  • Drama revolves around you…drama central, at this point if you’re the person who’s always surrounded by drama, there’s a good chance that you’re the person causing it

    • You’ve Frenemies. Having frenemies in your life is most likely the result of your inability to make friends and your tendency to cause drama.
    • You Don’t Let Go Whether it’s an argument or a comment that rubbed you the wrong way, it’s okay to bring it up and hash it out… but it’s not advisable to re-hash. What you’re actually doing is focusing on the negative and causing unnecessary conflict.
    • You tend to focus on the negative, always dwelling on the negative feelings and thoughts focusing on what could go wrong.
    • You dominate the conversation.Think about the last time you sat down and talked with a friend. Did the conversation volley back and forth between you or was it more one-sided? If you determine that your issues and interests dominated the discussion, extend your reflection to all of your interactions. Are you regularly hogging the spotlight and cutting people off?

It’s definitely no fun to realize that you are responsible for bringing negativity into your own life as well as those around you. If you find that you are running in circles, repeatedly fighting the same battles, alienating friends, and are overwhelmed with pessimism, you may need to step back and evaluate what is truly causing your problems.

Once you do this its easier to kick these bad habits to the curb and make room for positive habits

Can we take a moment tho to appreciate this beautiful handbag from nhava by my fellow blogger Mutsa Mwale of StrictlyChicMe. Also just how functional my outfit is tho like simple yet cute didnt even try hard in my matchy matchy pink hues lol

Until next time love & light xx

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