Life is great…I have so much to celebrate and be grateful for!!! Last Friday i graduated with my first degree and Saturday was my birthday. It was a double celebration indeed and the perfect season for a comeback.

After school i took a break from everything literally, from the blog to my business to going out with friends. At this point my anxiety was on 100 so i needed to take some time off and just regroup and figure out what i wanted to do next. It was great and it worked, i`m so much better now happier and renewed. On the down side i gained a lot of weight hahaha you know being a home body and all but i don’t regret it. But im back at the gym now and trying to be healthy.

During the break i read a lot of great books and this also helped with my anxiety. Reading books for fun is life changing y’all. I also watched a lot of TV and of-course YouTube videos. Spent time with my little nephew Mukundi my new bestie hahaha. It was a very chilled time but a much needed break.

Now im just ready to live the life of my dreams and  share it with you guys!!!

Here i kept my outfit very simple, skirt bodysuit, leather jacket and red shoes for control. Like they say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I did however step out of my comfort zone a lil bit with the mini skirt im more of a midi skirt typa person.

Until next time…love and light xo

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