Life has been getting the best of me lately…which explains why i have been absent from the blogging sphere for almost two months. From handling school y’all know im doing my final semester right, to trying to come up with a sensible dissertation, to giving my side hustle and clients enough attention and trying to maintain the relationships in my life.By the time i get to bed i`d be so tired   and spent. Sometimes i wouldn’t even want to wake up, all i wanted to do was curl back into bed and hide from the world.I got to the point where i was questioning why i was even doing everything i was doing from having this blog to my street-wear brand and i was so tempted to just drop everything and quit.  I was overwhelmed and slowly falling into a depression and i had forgotten why i had even started this journey.I was doubting my abilities and other times the numbers would be disappointing it hurt…I was slowly feeding myself negativity such that every part of my life started falling apart…People i thought were my friends and held in high regard turned not to be what i thought. That reminds me of a saying  “fake friends are those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies. “Generally im a loving person and i trust easily so this kinda hurt

And then one day it hit me…I was manifesting all those negative feelings, I was giving doubt and pressure dominion over my life and i was quickly spiraling out of control. It needed to stop. So i woke up that day and decided enough is enough, I had to pull myself out of that dungeon and take back my life.

So here are 5 things i did to get my happy back:

1- Spring clean: There is something magical about a clean and fresh house try it and you will tell me. My friendships were also not spared from this massive spring clean as i took stock of the important people in my life who have always been there for me and i decided to focus my energy on them.This led me to the second thing i did…

2-Let go: I took a deep breath and let all of all my worries, doubts and hurt go.Letting go and trusting God with all my fears was the best decision i ever made. It gave me clarity and i felt lighter than i had felt before

3-Set goals: I find it very useful to set goals and make clear priorities. This gives me direction as to where im going and it helps me to keep track of all that i want to achieve. Family and friends are also part of my goals now and that way my relationships don’t suffer.

4-Have a routine and break down tasks: Trust me this is the best way to achieve balance.Making a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that i need to do has helped me  to achieve each of my goals. I no longer feel overwhelmed by my work and duties as a result.

5- Me time!:  Making time for myself is probably the hardest thing to do when im overworked and overwhelmed. However i find it to be crucial as it  lowers stress, increase happiness and encourages creativity. so during my me time i try to; meditate and pray, write,watch my favorite series like scandal, read blogs, go on YouTube or do absolutely nothing.

This was quite a long post and if you have made it this far Bravo! I was nervous about writing this post but i left like it was necessary to share my story maybe i can motivate one person who is going through a similar situation.

So now im at a place where peace is a priority and negativity can not exist. Positive vibes only!!!

BTW Did i mention that these Palazzo pants give me life!!! They are so comfy and versatile here i paired them with a simple white body suit and neutral accessories and i cant wait to rock them again with a crop top so watch out for that…

Until next time…Love & Light xx


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