My Disney spirit animal is Simba the Lion!


Happiness is a state of mind. Its just according to the way you look at things- Walt Disney 



Always remember to be happy because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!


Be grateful that you dont have everything you want. That means you still have an opportunity to be happier tomorrow than you are today! – Princess Jasmine


Why worry? If you have done the best you can, worrying wont make it any better – Walt Disney


Its November!!!  my favourite favourite time of the year, probably because i was born in November 🙂 i celebrated my birthday last Friday on the 4th and it was a beautiful day. It was a time of renewal and gratitude. I am a free spirit and i like to play and be silly, my bestie says i have a lot of Disney in me and i wouldn’t agree more because love and happiness lives here. Life is too short to be miserable and uptight so seize very moment and live your life to the fullest. Play, dance, laugh, sing and be silly but most of all don’t forget to spread the love because this life is all you’ve got. YOLO!!!

Once in a while i like to keep up with trends. Today i am wearing a white off the shoulder top, i fell in love with this trend a while back and i couldn’t wait to rock it. I paired the top with high waist blue jeans a must have in any girl`s wardrobe. I completed the look with these beautiful rose gold flatforms, another trend that i fell in love with this summer. Whats an off the shoulder top without a choker?! I accessorized the look with a choker and a bright pink handbag to add some suss.

If you can dream it, you can do it! – Walt Disney

Until next time xoxo


  1. Girl, I’m in love with your style 😍😍😍 I should spend more time with you, maybe you can rub some of it on to me kikiki

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